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Mediation Services Agreement

Mediation is a fast, confidential and economical way to settle most disputes. It is a process by which parties submit their dispute to an informed neutral third party (the mediator) who works with them to reach a settlement.

What Types of Disputes can be Settled by Mediation?

Disputes between:

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

The most common advantages are that:

Who are the Mediators?

Pacific mediators are carefully selected attorneys and retired judges. Each mediator has received extensive training in alternative dispute resolution procedures and will be fully qualified to serve on the particular case.

Upon receiving a request for mediation services, an Pacific administrator will appoint a qualified mediator to the case. The parties will then be provided with a resume of qualifications on the mediator. Since it is essential that the parties have complete confidence that the mediator is fully qualified and will be fair and impartial, Pacific will replace any mediator not acceptable to any of the parties.

Are the Mediators Usually Successful?

Nationally, over 85% of mediations result in a settlement, thus avoiding litigation. Most importantly, since all parties consent to the final agreement, compliance exceeds 90%, far exceeding the results following litigation.

How Long Does it Take?

Mediation can be conducted in much less time than a lawsuit. Pacific mediators are generally available during evenings and on weekends as well as during normal business hours. Pacific will work with the parties to minimize the time required to reach a fair settlement. Generally, 5 to 8 hours are sufficient unless complex issues are involved.

Is Mediation Binding?

A mediator does not have the power to render a binding decision. The objective of mediation is for the mediator to assist the parties in agreeing to a settlement. Once the agreement is reduced to writing, it becomes enforceable.

What does Mediation Cost?

Much less than litigation because no lawyers are required and court costs are avoided. The cost of the Pacific mediator will vary depending upon the mediator and is generally divided between the parties.

How do I get Started?

Contact Pacific Mediation Services and we will promptly provide you with necessary information.

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